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erwin DM Strengthens Data Governance Across NoSQL

The next generation of erwin DM NoSQL supports native integration of the Couchbase Data Platform and MongoDB for new enterprise applications and legacy RDBMS-based migrations. The solution is the first and only enterprise-class solution to provide native (non-relational) data modeling for document databases, automating the creation of platform-specific deployment scripts, to strengthen data governance. It reduces the risks and costs associated with new platform adoption and accelerates the time-to-value.

erwin DM NoSQL enables rapid application deployment, cloud infrastructure migration and reverse engineering of NoSQL metadata so enterprises can discover, understand, govern and socialize NoSQL data sources. It gives both business and technical stakeholders a complete and contextual view of their document database assets, allowing them to deploy these instances in an efficient and cost-effective way. It also mitigates the risks inherent to managing mission-critical data and enables compliance with expanding regulatory requirements, such as the European Union’s impending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

“Legacy relational database management systems are complex and difficult to change, expensive to maintain, and too slow to keep pace with digital business,” said Matt McDonough, Vice President of Business Development, Couchbase. “Now with erwin DM NoSQL native integration of the Couchbase Data Platform, our customers have a solution to support digital transformation initiatives and accelerate migrations from relational data sources to rich, modern and flexible JSON structures with greater accuracy, efficiency and success. Couchbase is already deployed at customers in heavily-regulated industries, and with its encryption, access and control capabilities, customers facing GDPR regulations will find additional benefit to erwin DM NoSQL’s sound documentation and entity relationship mapping that leads to better data quality and compliance.”

Key features and benefits of the latest version of erwin DM NoSQL include:
  • Import and visualize erwin DM relational data models
  • Transform entity relation diagrams to a visual document database representation using patent-pending Query-Optimized Modeling™
  • Forward-engineer document database schema generation scripts
  • Enable traditional DBMS teams and developers to work effectively with document databases
  • Break down the complexities of NoSQL through modeling and visualization
  • Document NoSQL data sources for easier discovery and understanding
  • Expose NoSQL data sources to the enterprise in a standardized and governed way 
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