Digital era and the new value of data

Nowadays data is more important than ever. There is no single company that do not use data in digital format. Loosing data can harm the business and you can loose reputation and market share. Malware is a real threat to organizations of any size.

Data protection at the right cost

To protect your data you need to invest a lot of money for "just storing a second copy". We can help you to find the right backup tools for physical and virtual environment and choose storage media and approach that can fit your needs, budget and 3-2-1 rule.

Availability when you need it

Protecting the data is not enough. Having a second copy makes no sense if you can't recover the data at the right time, place and speed. Automated backup verification and instant recovery are just some of the features that we can implement in order to meet your RPO/RTO objectives.Our experts can advise you on a backup architecture that needs less management and saves you a lot of head aches.

Featured Products

IBM Spectrum Protect

IBM Spectrum Protect is the new name of Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM). The product is well known in mid-size and enterprise companies. Its long lasting history and development makes it one of the best tools for complex backup infrastructure. It combines decades of experience with new features like de-duplication, application-aware snapshots and integration with 3rd party backup appliances.


Veeam became a clear leader in protecting virtual environments in less than a decade. The company developed its product range around the new type of workloads and offers features that outperform the legacy backup tools. Currently the VEEAM tools help more than 200 000 customer to protect their data. Since 2016 the company started to provide backup for physical Windows and Linux environments as well as protection for Office 365.


Storing backup on disk could be expensive if you don't use the right backup appliance. Legacy solutions are hard to manage and very expensive to upgrade. Furthermore they can scale only in capacity while performance is fixed. This is no more are pain with Exagrid backup de-duplication appliances. They can scale both on capacity and performance without expensive forklift upgrades. The appliances are well integrated with all major backup software on the market.

Featured Services

Professional services

Architecture design and sizing of backup infrastructure. Implementation of end-to-end backup solutions.

Assessment and Health Checks. 

Comprehensive analysis of your existing backup environment including a review of the architecture, availability and scalability, based on best industry practices.

Storage consolidation. 

Unify your storage resources in a single managed and secured environment. Decouple storage services from the disc arrays and win independence from storage vendors.

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Infrastructure for your private cloud or Infrastructure as a service. Dedicated or shared - always with our first class managed services. Keep your costs down and your infrastructure up and running.


Only the best storage solutions tailored to your needs - speed and performance. Software Defined. All-Flash, Hybrid, High-end.

High End Computing

IBM Power Systems offer servers built with open technologies and designed for mission-critical applications.


Hypervisors, operating systems and tools. Enterprise midleware, database engines, application servers and tools.


Private or cloud your Infrastructure still demands your attention. Comprehensive solutions for monitoring, security and management.


Personal Computing continues to play major role in our life and business.

We are #1 Lenovo corporate PC provider and Think support centre in Bulgaria