Build a customer-centric model

What is Customer Insight

IBM Customer insight is an innovative solution which combines the power of Big Data, Predictive analytics to analyze customer behavior models and predict their needs, problems or future life events. IBM Customer Insight is an advanced analytics solution build through combining technologies from different analytics platforms with industry business knowledge. IBM Customer Insight is all about digital transformation and customer service.

What Customer Insight provides for Banking, Telcos and Insurance

Customer Insight will transform your business model into a real customer-centric one. It is a game changing solution which will turn a new page in your relationship with customers. Moreover, Customer Insight pre-built API’s will help you build real omnichannel experience and turn you into a digital leader.

All this at a fraction of 1 euro per customer and in less than six months.

Customer Insight for Banking

The IBM Customer Insight for Banking solution contains advanced prebuilt predictive analytics, with both cognitive analytics and industry-specific models and industry-specific customizations to those models. It also includes pre-built industry specific data models and comes with intuitive user interfaces and role-specific dashboards specifically designed for line-of business users. The solution helps fine-tune customer segmentation at a very granular level by analyzing customer transactions, spending behavior and life events.

Customer Insight for Telcos

Customer Insight for Communication Service Providers is an advanced application that converts unfiltered network data into defined and usable customer data. The refined data helps accelerate returns with unique and customer-specific use cases for NPS & churn, customer profiling and customer engagement.

Customer Insight for Insurance

Insurers can build policyholder insight based on behavioral data drawn from internal and external data sources. Insurers will be able to fully utilize their customer data in a more meaningful way. The solution is a customizable, advanced analytics solution that delivers predictive and cognitive models, plus pre-configured dashboards and pre-loaded customer segments based on our extensive policyholder research. Insurers can also load their own pre-defined segments. The solution empowers key decision makers to analyze their data then act quickly on the insight from their analysis.

Why Customer Insight is important for your business

As customers we always expect to be treated as movie stars. We expect our service provider to be there for us, to propose products and services relevant to our needs and life style. We turn down any service provider who fails in this, but we commit for life to those who succeed.  

What we provide

IBS can help you integrate a Customer Insight solution for your bank, telco or insurance company. We can provide end to end services in a Customer Insights project for your organization - setting business goals, planning, proof of concept, adapt an tune the models and micro segmentation, test with your own data and deploy the solution company wide.

How we do it

Analytics projects are different, therefore require a different approach to other projects. Agile techniques, extensive business involvement, careful change management and extended scope definition and testing phases have all been proven to be essential. We use proven methodologies that focus on the business strategy and help customers keep focus on that. 

What are our customers benefits

Choosing IBS Services for Analytics as partner for your Analytics project brings you the following benefits:

- trusted advisor to build a strategy with;
- early and visible return on investment;
- user requirements can be reviewed and revisited regularly;
- better control of the project from a delivery perspective;
- better financial control of the project.

Featured products

IBM Customer Insight for Banking

Enables banks to generate better insight into customer needs through cognitive analytics.

IBM Customer Insight for Communication Service Providers

Customer Insight for CSPs improves marketing and customer care through advanced and predictive analytics across locations, devices, applications and interests.

IBM Watson Customer Insight for Insurance

Build a robust policyholder insight model based on cognitive technologies and behavioral data to understand and retain customers.

Featured services

Professional services

We trust in knowledge and passion. Our team is developing deep knowledge in analytics from business and technical perspective. Our employees continuously develop their professional skills through our complex education program. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have developed extensive skill sets, which we apply according to your special needs, so that what we do always has a meaning.

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Professional Training

We provide advanced, authorized training. Specially curated learning content helps you develop deeper skills in a given IBM technology or job role. Our learning catalog offers you the training you need, featuring on-demand courses in your preferred format.

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