IBS Services for Analytics

We provide end to end services for your Analytics project - setting business goals, planning and architecture design, testing with your own data, training and deploying the solution company wide.

We deliver and we care. We are not an outsourcing company. We don’t sell talent and we don’t move just boxes of software.

Analytics Strategy

IBS helps organizations build and execute their Analytics strategy. Over years business users tend to build their own reports and solutions to help them solve present tasks or to fill the gap between IT services and their constantly arising needs. These trends build information silos in the organizations, different point of views, and very often different misleading results. Having a clear Analytics strategy will help you to introduce single point of truth in your organization, share insights among users and unlock your data for faster and better decisions.

Data Integration and Governance

We integrate, cleanse, and manage data across different platforms to produce on time - clean, trustful and meaningful data for your Analytics solutions

Data Warehousing

We mix and match the best from Kimball and Inmon world. We focus on analyzing business requirements and data architecture to build an integrated enterprise data warehouse (EDW). This architecture directly supports master data management efforts and provides the platform for consistent business analysis across the enterprise. However, time is value.

BI and Visualizations

We use leading business intelligence and analytics tools to create compelling visualizations - dashboards and professional reports that lets you track your business KPI’s and get insights and real value from your data.

Predictive Analytics

We team with the leading experts in science of statistics and business subject matter experts to augment our data science team with proven knowledge in algorithms and modeling skills. We apply the best tools and technologies (SPSS, R, Python and more) to integrate predictive analytics in your business processes and deliver insights to your customers and employees. 

Planning Analytics

We team with the leading vendors and solution providers with hundreds of Planning Analytics and Performance management implementations in many industries. Our Analytics services team is applying these best practices and proven solutions to your business model and requirements in order to help you achieve your goals.


We provide advanced, authorized training. Specially curated learning content helps you develop deeper skills in a given technology or job role. Our learning catalog offers you the training you need, featuring on-demand courses in your preferred format.

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What are our customers benefits

Choosing IBS Services for Analytics as partner fro your Business Intelligence project brings you the following benefits:

- trusted advisor to build a strategy with;
- early and visible return on investment;
- user requirements can be reviewed and revisited regularly;
- better control of the project from a delivery perspective;
- better financial control of the project.

How we do it

Analytics projects are different, therefore require a different approach to other projects. Agile techniques, extensive business involvement, careful change management and extended scope definition and testing phases have all been proven to be essential. We use proven methodologies that focus on the business strategy and help customers keep focus on that. 

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