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Whether you are building new applications, refactoring legacy or integrating new capabilities, we can help you choose the right strategy and re-establish your IT practice as a high productivity environment for ongoing improvement.

Application modernization

Unlock the legacy and build new digital capabilities

Integration modernization

Master the agile integration for the new era

Business Automation

Start your path to AI-powered business automation

AI Ops | Smart IT operations

Enable your applications with a smart autopilot

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Great engineers strive to improve life. Instead of locking them in silos, we give them freedom for invention and innovation, while engaging them in ongoing improvement process.

In the digital era, change is the norm. Therefore, we move from projects to uninterruptable production process (a.k.a. Factory) with a single goal - to make our customers awesome-er.

With DevOps and CI/CD automation, our engineers can help your team optimize IT while building application at speed and scale so you can deliver an always-on experience to the business.

Different teams conduct different stages of the Factory pipeline. However, all involved individuals should share knowledge, learn from each other, and document how they achieve success.

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IBM Cloud Paks. Enterprise-ready, containerized software solution for modernizing existing applications and developing new cloudnative apps that run on Red Hat® OpenShift®. 

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. Based on the Kubernetes container orchestration project, Red Hat OpenShift is the starting point. A strong foundation with resiliency and security in the forefront is essential. 

Deploy anywhere. Use any public or private cloud provider.

Level Up with the best team and partner. We are here to keep you in top shape.

By aligning technical priorities with business objectives, we help our customers to ideate, build, measure, iterate and scale solutions seamlessly with our experience, goal orientation, and agile and DevOps practices

Our top priority is to understand the mechanism of your business. We get to know the business ingredients - the people, the culture, the key enterprise drivers, and the company's future vision. Together we will pinpoint the exact tools to streamline the company’s business processes, improve systems workflow, and create significant operational efficiencies.

We prefer to teach our clients how to apply – not what to buy. We work hard to provide solutions that will help you better manage your revenue and resources and be more flexible, more competitive, to be - first!

Our belief is that digital data and technologies are changing the ways we live and work and we are proud to lead this transformation for our customers.

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IBS is an IT Consulting, Systems Integrator and Software Development company founded in Bulgaria. We are servicing the best businesses and government agencies since 2003. Our belief is that digital data and technologies are changing the ways we live and work and we are proud to lead this transformation for our customers.