Software Defined. All-Flash. Hybrid. High-end.

Either your company is midsize or big enterprise we can find the right storage solution for you. Together we can define the solution - Hybrid, All-flash, Software-defined or Enterprise, based on your various needs – performance, capacity, Disaster Recovery or Business Critical. A single monitoring and management layer can give you the tools to control and optimize your storage environment.

Performance is not just IOPS

Today’s demanding applications require not only high number of IOPS, but also a lower latency. Let us show the real benefits of sub-millisecond latency achieved by true Flash storage. Latencies bellow 1ms help our customers to achieve better infrastructure utilization and decrease cost for running your applications.

Protect your investments and increase flexibility with Software Defined Storage

Software Defined Storage (SDS) solutions help our customers to achieve better storage economics, performance and agility. You can easily plug & play SDS into your environment without having concerns that you use a mix of heterogeneous hardware. SDS will bring new enterprise class functionality and performance with a lowest possible investment, while you can reuse existing hardware without vendor lock-in. 

What we provide

We provide expert services in storage space. Our experience is gained in a hundreds of projects - from midrange to enterprise class storage solutions. We can design, deliver and build your SAN storage infrastructure from ground up. We can take you existing infrastructure, analyze your loads and tweak existing equipment or migrate to new one to meet your requirements.

Do you need storage-as-a-service? We have that too! Just contact us.

How we do it

We know storage. We run tens of storage infrastructures for small and big customers. We learn and apply new technologies and we choose the best of them. We consider not only IOPS, but the power, the space and the maintenance - at the end it is your storage, your data, your business.

Featured Products

All Flash Array

Flash is more affordable than ever. IBM has the broadest portfolio of All Flash Arrays which can fit any need. We can provide:

- SSD/Flash based array like IBM Storwize V5100F or V7000F for your general environment or Tier 1 storage;

IBM FlashSystem 900 or IBM FlashSystem 9100 for your most demanding applications which require Tier 0 storage and latency around 0,2 ms;

IBM FlashSystem A9000/A9000R for your VDI or Private Cloud with the best possible data reduction technologies which include data pattern removal, deduplication and compression.

IBM Spectrum Virtualize

IBM storage vritualization has been on the market since 2002. It is the best feature-rich SDS solution with such a maturity. Still having doubts about benefits of storage virtualization? Just ask yourself what you have achieved when you started to use server virtualziation. With IBM Spectrum Virtualize you will receive much more. You can use features like FlashCopy, Replication, Compression and Stretched cluster with your existing storage. You can manage and optimize heterogeneous storage environments from a single pane of glass. Further more it will save you a lot of money and efforts.

IBM DS8880 Hybrid Storage

Business critical applications require not just performance, but a bulletproof storage system capable to be concurrently upgraded, maintained and fixed without risking data loss or service outages. The new IBM DS8880 family is based on a standard 19" rack which fits better in your data center. IBM has optimized maintenance cost and you can order the system with standard 4 years 7x24 warranty. New Power 8 multicore technology that effectively exploits symmetric multiprocessing and symmetric multithreading is used to accelerate performance within redundant controllers host adapters and RAID engines. DS8880 features PCIe Gen 3 which makes the system more affordable without having proprietary I/O technologies in the system architecture.

Featured Services

Professional services

Assessment and Health Checks. Comprehensive analysis of your existing SAN and/or IP networks environment including a review of the architecture, device configuration, management, monitoring, availability, and scalability, based on best industry practices.

Storage consolidation. Unify your storage resources in a single managed and secured environment. Decouple storage services from the disc arrays and win independence from storage vendors.

Professional training

We provide advanced, authorized training. Specially curated learning content helps you develop deeper skills in a given IBM technology or job role. Our learning catalog offers you the training you need, featuring on-demand courses in your preferred format.

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Infrastructure for your private cloud or Infrastructure as a service. Dedicated or shared - always with our first class managed services. Keep your costs down and your infrastructure up and running.

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