Red Hat OpenShift Developer Workshops

Together with Red Hat and Intel, IBS is running Red Hat® OpenShift® Developer Workshops to support developers tasked with using applications to create new services, achieve greater agility, and accelerate time-to-market.

Module 1

Optimizing Existing Applications

Module 2

Debugging, Monitoring and Continuous Delivery

Module 3

Control Cloud Native Apps with Service Mesh

Module 4

Advanced Cloud Native with Event-Driven Serverless

In Person or Remote



Whether you are planning to lift and shift existing applications or create new containers from scratch, the workshop will support you on your cloud-native journey. It will be hosted by Red Hat technical enablement managers and trained technical experts from IBS, providing you with double the knowledge.

Run over one-day, the workshops will cover your company's current situation and goals, an explanation of concepts and products, and a self-paced lab.

  • Module 1
  • Module 2
  • Module 3
  • Module 4

Optimizing existing applications

Business Challenges

- Competitive pressures require faster innovation and time to market to avoid being left behind
- Cost to retrain development & ops staff on new technologies
- Recruiting talented developers is challenging when depending on legacy technology

Developer/IT Challenges

- Tight coupling of apps on an underlying platform makes change hard
- Lack of scalability, performance, & flexibility of existing apps built with legacy technology
- Re-architecting apps cannot be done overnight


To show how to take an existing monolithic application and begin the process of migration and modernization by moving it off of a legacy Java platform and onto JBoss EAP, and then onto the cloud with OpenShift, using incremental steps to refactor the application to microservices and make use of OpenShift to effectively deploy and manage it at scale on the cloud

Featured Products

Red Hat OpenShift 4
Red Hat Application Migration Framework
Red Hat Runtimes (Quarkus, Spring Boot)
Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces

Work with a trusted provider

Please, get in contact to discuss running a bespoke workshop covering a one or more of the four modules, matched to your company's needs.