Prevent Financial Crime
in the Digital Era

What we do?

IBS enables your fraud prevention, risk and compliance teams to adapt their controls faster to emerging threats and detect fraud and compliance issues with greater speed and accuracy without vendor or data scientist dependencies. 

Real Time Fraud Prevention

Real-time payments fraud prevention and transaction monitoring

AML/KYC enablement

Financial crimes compliance and fraud with AI-infused solutions & RPA

Custom Model Development

Outsmart the fraudsters with advanced AI/ML modelling

Online fraud prevention

Protect against malicious users, across digital channels

Improve customer experience, cut false positives and
prioritize high risk alerts with a holistic approach.

  • Analyse, Design & Implement
  • Fraud Analysis & Investigation
  • Managed Services

Our Financial Crime team will help implement and adapt a holistic fraud detecting solution to your unique requirements.

  • - Deliver solution design workshop and Review business fraud prevention objectives
  • - Document Functional Requirements and Create Solution Architecture
  • - Deploy and configure the environments for high availability and performance 
  • - Assist in real-time and batch integration
  • - Create and deploy of the Day-One model based on fraud patterns
  • - Conduct informal hands on information exchange and training sessions
  • - Aid UAT and a Go-live run
  • - Enable Regulatory Reporting

IBM Safer Payments

Protects all cashless payments from fraud


Next generation approach

Enables you to use any data science, any machine learning, and artificial intelligence technique – from any vendor or open source – to outsmart fraudsters.

All channel solution

Includes specific functionality to protect cards, online banking, and real-time payments. Profiles behavior and payment flow through all channels for lower false positives.

Freely configurable

Everything in Safer Payments is user-configurable. Full adaptation to customer data model. New data feeds can be configured in minutes.

IBM Security Trusteer Pinpoint Detect

Helps organizations detect fraud, authenticate users and establish identity trust across the digital customer journey.

It is designed to deliver a seamless experience by learning how customers interact with apps and websites, including tracking behavioral analytics patterns such as device use, geolocation, session length and transaction norms. And Trusteer even offers biometric insights from customers’ mouse movement patterns and other digital interactions.

Data, combined with our analytics, helps uncover abnormalities without interrupting ser­vice.

We are proud to assist in the fight against fraud for these financial institutions

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