Digital Transformation Race

So you are on the path to digitally transform your bank. Probably you already know that this is a journey not a single project. There are many things to consider on this trip and there is more than one starting point.


Building a smarter bank?

Transforming a business is not an overnight job, but it is a digital world now and it demands certain changes for you to succeed. Regulations like PSD2, GDPR, Data Lineage (to address some) are significant challenges and it takes integrated approach across all your operations in order to fulfil them.


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Challenges in Banking Industry

Digital Transformation

New business models arise everyday. To take competitive advantage and lead in the digital world you have to add agility, operational efficiency and automation to your processes. You have to transform to endure in the open banking world and introduce new business models to build new revenue streams. Data is your solely advantage over FinTechs. Apply advanced analytics in real time to keep your business a step forward.


The new EU directive speeds up the open banking trend. Starting from January 2018 you must fully comply with all PSD2 and RTS requirements. It is not up to a API interface only - you have to provide Secure Customer Authentication, transaction monitoring and fraud prevention with real-time scoring. Those who outsmart their competitors and are able to embrace the API economy will be the ones to lead the industry.



GDPR requires  any organisation with personal data on EU residents to implement both organisational and technology measures. Technological measures include capabilities like data classification, data loss prevention, encryption, managing consent more explicitly, data transfer limitations, and technologies that enable data subjects to exercise their rights to access, rectify, and erase personal data held by data controllers.

Operational efficiency

Legacy business models rely on legacy systems and legacy infrastructure. This drives unexpectedly higher costs compared to new architectures and systems for computation and data storage. Perform TCO analysis on your current infrastructure compared to a more leaner software defined approaches and make sure that you are utilizing your resources and investments at a maximum rate.

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