Tailored solutions

Every person and every organization is unique. And so are their needs. We believe, that there is no single solution, that can cover all requirements. That is why we partner with the best in the HR industry - Saba and IBM. We also develop ERM.HR - our own solution for the specific needs of the organizations in Bulgaria.


When we created the first version of ERM.HR in 2005, our main goal was to collect the information for the IBS team in one place. With time, we added training and education, leave of absence management, recruitment and so much more. After more than 10 years in development, we have a comprehensive solution that covers almost every aspect of the HR processes in the organization. 

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In the ERM.HR.PROFILES module we create and maintain the information, related to the people in the organization. We keep everything about organizational structure, education, compensation, appraisals, leave of absences, projects, knowledge, documents and templates, and so much more.

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Within ERM.HR.RECRUITMENT we can manage open positions, campaigns and applications. We keep all incoming and outgoing communication, interviews, scorecards and report in one place. ERM.HR.RECRUITMENT can be upgraded with career portal, where new open position are automatically published. When candidates apply via the portal, all submitted information is processed directly in the ERM.HR.RECRUITMENT module.


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Absence management - TIMEOFF.GURU

TIMEOFF.GURU helps you save leave of absence processing time and puts you in full control on everything related to time-off for your team and company.​ TIMEOFF.GURU is our newest cloud solution and can be implemented as is or integrated with ERM.HR.

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SABA Enterprise Talent Management

SABA is worldwide leader in the human capital management solutions. (31 million users / 2,200 customers / 195 countries / 40 languages)

SABA helps organizations to adapt to the ever changing world and the way people work. SABA covers the following HR disciplines:   

- Education

- Career development

- Performance management

- Compensation management

- Talent management

 51% of Fortune 100 companies rely on SABA to provide continuous development, engagement and effectiveness of the teams.

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Social Network for Business

IBM Connections is the leading platform for corporate social networks. Connections can boost your organization’s engagement levels, foster innovation and deliver real business results. It is a one of a kind platform for knowledge sharing, decision making and productivity enhancement. In the HR field Connections can help you with:

- Knowledge, idea and best practices sharing in a natural way - to build a knowledge organization.

- Speed up the on-boarding of new hires and develop your current workforce.

- Building a common communication platform between people, departments and offices.

- Delivering values, strategy and policies in quick and effective way.

- Feedback from the employees to the organization.

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IBM Smarter Workforce / KENEXA

Talent management solution from IBM. Core modules include:

- Talent acquisition

- Talent analytics and surveys

- Compensation and rewards

- Learning and development

- Performance management

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