IBS ERM is an open and flexible Customer and Enterprise Relationship Management solution touching most of the business processes in the organisation. All modules are based on common architecture and can work together to provide a full stack of collaboration and real time communication platform.

Core Modules

Contact management

IBS ERM People and Organisations provides 360 view for every customer, vendor or partner. This module integrates the data from all other components of the solution to deliver timely information and to support the decision making process.

Lead and opportunity management

The sales team can work in a common place for all potential deals and follow the development for each opportunity. Managers can track the pipeline and run detailed reports by person, region, segment or volume. 

Offer Management

One electronic repository for all offers in the organisation. Request, category, items, discounts, templates and automatic offer generation.

Contract Management

Now you can finally build one electronic archive for all contracts with customers, vendors and partners. Follow the payments, track contract dealines and categorize by type, department or amount.

Order Management

The full life cycle of the orders is supported - planning, processing, delivery, hand-over and invoicing. All related documents are generated automatically, including invoices, receive-delivery protocols and warranty cards.

Projects & Timesheets

All activities - meetings, calls, customer support or any other custom defines type - can be recorded in IBS ERM. Activities can be linked with customers, opportunities, requests, document or project. Actions and tasks can be grouped by team or project.

Extended Product Family

Back office

IBS ERM is complemented by several back office operation support modules, including cashflow, budgets, tenders, business trips, event management, car-park, related documents, products catalog, warehouse and even book library. 

IBS ERM Helpdesk (IBS SupportLine)

IBS SupportLine is powerful and flexible solution for customer support process automation. The solution cover the full life cycle of the tickets from registration through closing and adding to a knowledge database. All communication with the customer is conducted in the system utilizing templates. Escalation, customer web access, SLAs and reports are all built-in IBS SupportLine.


This vertical solution for insurance brokers includes the contact management from the core modules and is complemented by business specific features covering objects, policies, payments and payment schedules, claims, reports and even customer web portal.

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