Integrated platform for document and case management

Any modern document and case management solution should be user friendly, configurable, scalable and extendable. And so is AIDA. Our solution is designed to optimize the workflow, provide paperless processes and deliver unmatched user productivity.

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Flexible configuration

Document types, templates, categories, registration schema, archiving, workflow processes and validations - all of them can be configured in AIDA though the comprehensive administration panel.


Incoming, outgoing, internal and all other document types are supported. Document routing, access and registration number can be set automatically. Direct notifications for all involved parties are send directly by the system.


All documents can be stand-alone or part of a case. Adding, removing documents to a case is a two-click operation. Cases can be linked and  can contain documents, tasks and comments

Document approval and electronic signing

Documents can be sent for approval and request for signing. Authorised users can utilise electronic signatures to sign documents. AIDA generates automatically PDF and stamps them with digital signature. 


What would be a document management system without a holistic task management functionality? AIDA has built-in capabilities for tasks creation, assignment, delegation and execution control. Tasks can be assigned to individuals, groups and groups with controller. Tasks can be also linked with each other.

Control and notification

Each document, case and task can have a deadline set by system default configurations or can be set manually. Automatic reminders can be send for every deadline or can be grouped in a daily bulletin.

Business Process Management

Master the workflow definitions. You can design any administrative process within AIDA. Automatically trigger it on event or document type.

Document Templates

There are not limitations on how many templates or type of documents you can manage with AIDA. You can set and manage the rules, design and body text.

Organizational structure

Full organizational structure modeling and management. Define departments and functional groups. You can configure any type of hierarchy, appoint managers, etc.

Substitution management

Despite how healthy are your employees they will have sick and long vacation days. With AIDA this is painless. Just provide е-"trust deed" to a colleague or your manager can sign imperative for your absence and assign a substitute. Your tasks will be handled properly.


Security is in the core of AIDA. Access to the whole system, case, document and taks are defined by role, department or explicitly by users. Each document type can have a security level set according to the organizations policies.

Self-Service portal

AIDA features a self service portal solution for your employees or customers. You can provide great user experience and superior service that will distinguish you from your rivals.


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