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Data Factories

We help organisations to shift from the slow and bureaucratic strategies of traditional Data Management towards the collaborative, streamlined, and quality-driven agile/lean strategies that focus on enabling others rather than controlling them.

Data Integration Factory

Enable DataOps and automate the Data flow.

Data Science Factory

Data is the new oil. Let us help you refine it.

Enterprise Data Governance

Drive your Data beyond the transformation.


Analytics-in-a-box for Banking

Unified solution that will redefine your data strategy.

DataOps: Building the CI/CD pipeline for Analytics Product Development in your Data Factory

DataOps is a relatively new methodology that unifies data engineering, data analytics, and DevOps to deliver high-quality data products as rapidly as possible. It covers the entire data analytics lifecycle, from data extraction to visualization, reporting, and AI/ML insights or scoring, using Agile practices to speed up business results.

Different teams conduct different stages of the data factory pipeline. However, all individuals involved should share knowledge, learn from each other, and document how they achieve success.

  • Ingestion
  • Transformation
  • Computation
  • Consumption

Data ingestion is the first stage of the process. Data, extracted from various sources, is explored, validated, and loaded into a downstream system.

This stage consists represents a set of tools and activities for moving data from one system with its method of data storage and processing to another system in which it can be stored and managed differently. Moreover, data ingestion pipelines allow for automatically getting information from many disparate sources, then transforming and consolidating it in one high-performing data storage.

Technology is just an enabler. People are the ones who are getting things done.

The strategy and efforts you put into the process are irrelevant if you don't have the right culture. You must embrace the 5 ideals in order to achieve successful transformation.

 Locality & Simplicity 
 Focus, Flow and Joy 
 Daily work Improvement 
 Psychological Safety 
 Customer Focus 
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