Data is the new oil and is your single advantage to FinTech companies!

Your abilities to use data for smarter decisions and better customer service are crucial for your success. Finance industry is in  transformation and under huge pressure. New business models might be a real threat to your unless you embrace the change.
At IBS we are seriously talking data. We are working on the full data life cycle. Data Integration, Data Quality and Governance, Business Analytics, Predictive and Prescriptive real-time solutions, machine learning and industry proven data models and patterns.
Transform your data into new business opportunities through advanced technologies and machine learning. We will help you discover and take advantage of new value hidden in your data.

Fuel your business with insights by unlocking the real value in your data

Our Customers benefits

Trusted advisor to build a strategy with

We provide end to end services for your Analytics project - setting business goals, planning and architecture design, testing with your own data, training and deploying the solution company wide.
We deliver and we care. We are not an outsourcing company. We don’t sell talent and we don’t move just boxes of software.

Excellence through expertise

Analytics projects are different, therefore require a different approach to other projects. Agile techniques, extensive business involvement, careful change management and extended scope definition and testing phases have all been proven to be essential. We use proven methodologies that focus on the business strategy and help customers keep focus on that.


Advanced analytics services

We team with leading experts in science of statistics and business subject matter experts to augment our team with knowledge in algorithms and modelling skills. We apply the best tools and technologies (SPSS, R, Python and more) to integrate analytics, machine learning and intelligence in your business processes and deliver insights to your customers and employees. 

Broad skills at your disposal

Our highly skilled experts have been awarded more than 100 professional certifications in Analytics technologies, Software development, Business Analysis and Project Management. We provide a full range of services from requirement gathering, user interface design and implementation, to product release and continuous development.

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IBS is an IT Consulting, Systems Integrator and Software Development company founded in Bulgaria. We are servicing the best businesses and government agencies since 2003.