Redefine your data strategy with a purpose build unified solution

What’s inside
The Box?

Analytics-in-a-Box for Banking is designed as a holistic platform for Retail banking, Financial Reporting, Regulatory Reporting, Data Governance and self-service enabled Analytics.

Using the capabilities of the cloud-native architecture of IBM Cloud Pak for Data platform we deliver a full-featured Data and Analytics solution that combines key capabilities as hybrid data management, unified governance and integration, data science, industry model for Banking and analytics.

Unified solution
for all your data

Rapid production
with business
ready apps

Embedded data
and AI


Aren't you tired of waiting forever for the promised benefits of yet another data strategy?

Your business lines don't trust your DWH, shadow IT is growing, development cycles are too long, deadlines are missed, and maintenance costs soar. Sounds familiar?

It is time for you to embrace new modern approach to support the bank in unifying data, ensuring compliance, accelerating digital transformation, in order to better serve customers within a fully managed platform experience.

Infuse trustworthy Data & AI into your business.

  • Customer Insights & Analytics

  • Financial Reporting

  • Regulatory reporting & compliance

  • Data Science Factory

  • Cloud-native platform for Data

Customer insights and analytics (CIA) is a Analytical CRM solution with Customer 360 comprehensive view, build by leveraging data from various systems to get a holistic picture of customer financial behaviour. A rich 360-degree view equips banks with powerful capabilities, such as providing more customized experience, relying on meaningful data to make decisions, enabling deeper insights and predictive analytics. 

CIA helps bank employees to take a proactive approach and provide better-targeted services to the customers. It is the ultimate tool to treat every customer like a celebrity.

Business value

Redefines your DWH/BI and Data Management strategy. Brings unified solution with a common industry model, data governance and AI infused analytics applications into a single Box.

Industry proven models and data integration patterns have very short implementation cycle. Services can be deployed into production in less than 2 months.

Cloud is the ultimate path. A cloud ready solution will alow natural future growth and utilization of cloud resources and convinience.

A need of an integrated and extensible platform to make data ready for AI is on already on place. Speed client time to value with pre-built intelligent workflows and experiences that operationalize AI in key business domains.



to market


Win the race with the best team and partner. We are here to keep you in top shape.

By aligning technical priorities with business objectives, we help provide full clarity around data ownership, access, usage, and management

We will help you to:

- Operationalize your data governance strategy

- Identify the right operating model for your culture and organization

- Eliminate common roadblocks to adoption

- Analyze your data governance performance and business impact

- Achieve meaningful, sustainable results aligned to your business objective

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Want to learn more about our Data Management practice?

Technology is just an enabler. People are the ones who are getting things done.
A straightforward way to promote greater consistency in the development and application of data and information sources is to have common guidance that teams will adopt and then follow. This guidance, including both standard policies and guidelines, will need to be defined, supported, and evolved over time in a collaborative and open manner.

We are building Data Factories.
We are helping organisations to shift from the slow and bureaucratic strategies of traditional Data Management towards the collaborative, streamlined, and quality-driven agile/lean strategies that focus on enabling others rather than controlling them.

Data Governance

Data governance is essential to an organization’s overall strategy for data management and as part of a complete DataOps practice. Data governance practices provide a holistic approach to managing, improving and leveraging data to help you gain insight and build confidence in business decisions and operations while meeting regulatory requirements.

Data Integration Factory

Modern Data Integration accelerates your projects through automated flow and pipeline creation across distributed data sources. A complete data integration solution delivers data from multiple on-premises and cloud sources to support a business-ready trusted data pipeline for DataOps.

Data Science Factory

Data Science Factory empowers data scientists, developers and analysts to build, run and manage AI models, and optimize decisions anywhere. Unite teams, automate AI lifecycles and speed time to value with real-time insights, risk scoring or next best offer initiatives.