Case Study

Real-time data replication to achieve significant process improvements

Business Challenge:

To design an Operational Data Store which provides consistent near real time data to front office applications.

Business Problem

Data is distributed in too many data sources. Interconnected systems are dependent on each others data and services are disrupted by internal operations.

The value of data is greatest as soon as it is created – the quicker you understand what’s happening, the faster you can act


IBM Infosphere for Replication with Changed Data Capture technology moves the data into a Data Hub in real time without disturbing the operational systems. Information is delivered to the key users and process with a minimum latency.


  • Ensure data is acted on when it’s most critical and stay ahead of competition
  • Provide 24/7 services while core systems are under maintenance
  • Reduce the risk of adding, removing, or modifying data sources due to flexibility between endpoints

Future Opportunities

  • Enterprise reporting on most recent data
  • Apply predictive models and risk scoring on data in real-time for smarter banking.

How it works

The diagram illustrates how the integration products fit in together augmenting SOA architecture with ODS. Enterprise Integration bus sits in the back-end transforming and routing data to and from business critical systems and applications. IBM Integration Bus transforms and transports the data to where it needs to go reliably and securely.

The Operational Data Store acts as data hub providing services through ESB to critical business applications and digital channels. Consumer applications are independent of the core-banking systems routine and/or changes. Change Date Capture technology takes care for real-time data replication with insignificant impact on operational databases.

Analytics applications are able to act on near-real time data without depending on the performance of the operational data sources. Enterprise reporting is always up-to-date and scoring services are performed on the latest data.


Applied components:


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