Case Study

Bulgatransgaz improves productivity with an integrated collaboration platform

Enabling all company departments to work together on business processes improvement, information sharing and focus on positive outcomes.

To give its diverse departments and team members convenient and scalable company-wide communications platform, Bulgartransgaz implemented IBM® Verse™, IBM Sametime and IBM Connections™.


Business challenge

The changing business and regulations environment is demanding swift and adequate reaction from the whole organization. This creates a constant challenge to collaborate effectively and beyond departmental boundaries.



Bulgartransgaz EAD has trusted IBM Connections, IBM Verse and IBM Sametime platforms to allow employees to share and communicate knowledge, organize daily tasks, run projects and instantly chat, all while improving personal productivity and organizational efficiency.



Business social network, seamlessly integrated with mail, calendar and chat, enabling employees to collaborate smoothly wherever they are – in the office, with clients, working from home or in remote offices, and to manage their teams and work.

  • Provide digital workplace that people need to be more effective at their jobs.
  • Increase transparency in the whole organization and facilitate the communication of employees.
  • Enable the organization to rise to the challenges and successfully manage its own growth.


Business challenge story

The daily efforts to maintain the communication flow and work processes create constant demand for flexible and easy to use collaboration platforms. To address this, Bulgartransgaz decided to take advantage of the latest IBM technologies.

IBM's collaboration tools integrate email, activity and task management, instant messaging, file sharing, collaborative document editing and more into a single unified solution.

“The whole organization has to follow the digital transformation which is main part of company success. By infusing the collaborative capabilities into business processes we can surely increase our productivity.”, Says Peycho Peychev, Head of department IT in Bulgartransgaz EAD.

The Bulgartransgaz management faced the challenge of finding a way to provide a space for its employees where they can organize their daily tasks, projects and all related documents.

Peycho explains: “We were focused on finding solution that would bring our employees together, to make them fully engaged with their work in order to reach company goals.”


Transformation story

IBM Connections empowers employees to work together in digital communities and drive their daily tasks more effectively with integrated services like forums, blogs, wikis and files.

“Using this solutions helps Bulgartransgaz EAD to manage the whole business process – from the idea to the end resuls”, says Peycho.

He continues: “There are no boundaries for communication at the various hierarchical levels of the organization. This creates a productive working environment that is social, engaged and focused. In Bulgartransgaz all capabilities of the platform are available for our entire workforce.”

“On the other hand, we have a platform for easy communication, which provides benefits for both the company and its employees. The messaging solution IBM Sametime integrates real-time social communications into business environment, providing a unified user experience. The value this product gives to us is enhanced workflow speed and reduced communication costs.”, explains Peycho.

He continues: “All employees at Bulgartransgaz also use IBM Verse, which provides an e-mail service that is self-organizing and that makes tasks easier to prioritize, with people rather than messages as the basic unit of communication. IBM Verse showed us how the e-mail client can be engaging and highly efficient.”

Something equally important is to have the information constantly with you. Today, there is more need to accommodate the ability to work from anywhere, and from multiple devices than ever before. “A large number of our employees visit customers, organize meetings, so they must have the necessary information at all times and everywhere, and should be able to respond to urgent tasks and respond to e-mails. With IBM Connections, IBM Verse and IBM Sametime – they have all they need on devices they use. They can view emails, events and action updates, manage their to-do lists, and chat and keep track of the people they work with closely from tablet or a smartphone.”, explains Peycho.

“Working with IBS brought to our company the strength and knowledge how to break down organizational and geographical barriers within the company. By creating communities for the departments, planning and managing people`s daily engagement is now empowering out people to work together more effectively.”, says Peycho.


Results story

The integrated collaboration platform provides best of its kind user experience, that includes communities with wikis, blogs, files and document sharing, as well as seamless integration with email, instant messaging and other tools to provide a frictionless workflow for the Bulgartransgaz team.



About Bulgartransgaz EAD

Bulgartransgaz EAD is a combined operator performing licensed activities of natural gas transmission and storage. The company pursues transparent and responsible behavior policy and aims at ensuring secure conditions and sustainable development of the natural gas market in the country and the region in compliance with the principles of equality and transparency. As part of the common European gas network Bulgartransgaz EAD is guided by the requirements of the Third Energy Liberalization Package, the European and the Bulgarian legislation.


Solution components

  • IBM Connections
  • IBM Verse
  • IBM Sametime


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