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Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions annonced new peripherals and options

2x20 LCD display

2x20 LCD display for TCx ™ 300, TCx ™ 700 and TCxWave ™ is the latest peripheral in the TCx family of products. The new display includes TCx design elements and also provides reliability and an enhanced set of features for Toshiba POS solution. The new monitor is the result of Toshiba's continuous innovation and advanced design.

Main features:

  • Center Pole Mount configuration
  • Flag Pole Mount configuration
  • LCD technology
  • White characters on a black background
  •  Black glossy lenses



WiFi connectivity for 4610 printer models

With the added WiFi connectivity retailers will significantly increase the flexibility of their 4610 printer models. The new wireless LAN option SureMark 4610 printers provide a selection of standard WiFi a/b/g /n /ac communication interfaces that can be installed, if ordered, during production on the non-fiscal 4610 Models 1xx and 2xx.

Supported features include:

• Remote finding for printers model 4610 from their host systems.

• Share a single printer among multiple host systems

• Print directly from mobile devices thanks to Toshiba's 4610 Software Development

Kits (SDKs) for iOS and Android.


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