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What if ONE platform is suffice?

What if one system could do it all?

When your clients need to grow and innovate, they will look to you to select and deliver a trusted infrastructure that improves speed to market, fuels innovation and brings your hybrid cloud strategy to the next level.  Your choice is LinuxONE.

  • Bringing the highest security and data privacy
  • Delivering optimal performance, ultimate uptime
  • Designing with flexibility and scale for the future

Meet LinuxONE - the smarter choice

Your data is your business and with IBM LinuxONE, you can be sure to keep it that way. LinuxONE is the only platform that can fully protect the privacy of your data, protect critical workloads from external and internal threats and enable data for insights in real time. LinuxONE enables massive vertical scale with capacity available on demand enables you to always delight your customers irrespective of the fluctuating demands of digital business.

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Containers and Kubernetes on LinuxONE

Cloud-native development simplifies life for your developers as they build new applications and modernize existing ones. IBM LinuxONE supports private and public cloud via Linux, containers, Kubernetes and industry-standard tools. Now, with the direction for Red Hat OpenShift support, IBM LinuxONE III will add to your options for cloud agility and integration. According to an IBM sponsored analyst white paper, IBM LinuxONE systems offer scalability, security and reliability far beyond commodity platforms, and are a valuable dimension to a larger multicloud deployment opportunity, with up to 2.4 million¹ containers on a single system.

Why LinuxONE compared to x86 servers?

Do the work of 300 x86 cores in the space of 2 floor tiles. With LinuxONE you can make applications perform faster and more efficiently than ever, scale vertically or horizontally without interruptions, and gain dramatic improvements in performance, security and reliability.

Download Linux One for Dummies

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