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IBS awarded with the Domino 10 Ready Partner badge

9th of October 2018 - this will be day of the official unveiling of Domino V10. Three themes have been in the focus for this release: 

  • Application Development - Domino will continue to be the best rapid application development (RAD) platform, building on the the original NoSQL database foundation and adding to that strong support for the JavaScript programming language and integration with nodeJS.
  • User Experience - V10 will enhance the user experience for world class mail and mobile apps. Domino apps will be able to run on tablets and smart phones. The new IBM Notes and IBM Verse on Premises will provide richer email with many new capabilities.
  • TCO - Domino will continue to be the benchmark for trusted, fast and bullet proof server. The new release will feature even larger self-healing and robust databases, dynamic indices and easy integration with enterprise authentication standards.


IBS has been long time evangelist of the IBM Collaboration portfolio in Bulgaria. We are proud to announce, that as a recognition for our involvement in the V10 beta and certification programs, IBS has been nominated by IBM with the Domino 10 Ready Partner badge.


More details on V10 and live demos will be presented at IBS Compass event later this year.

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