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IBM enables Cognos Analytics with AI

The recently announced Cognos Analytics v1.1 is a major release of the leading BI platform.

There are many new features and improvement of the user experience, but the most important news are augmentation with AI and advanced analytics. 

"A new culture of data-driven decision-making is emerging, but making the right decision is only part of the equation. Decisions must be made rapidly and often, especially in high-impact moments when a customer is engaged or an urgent operational need arises. Hitting the mark for fast and accurate decisions requires that your analytics tools instantly turn your data into relevant insights, giving the right people the right information and removing any obstacles to clarity. Modern analytics solutions achieve this with tailored reports and dashboards that transform a mass of data into visualisations that convey a breadth and depth of insight."

This is what IBM states in the their SmartPaper: The next wave of business intelligence.

The real change will come with the change of the models of our approach to make decisions and solve problems. In the era of Big Data an informed decision requires understating of the data and its meaning for the business. The skills once required only for chosen ones as data sciences are now crucial for much wider audience and many roles inside the company. In order to cultivate that data driven culture in the business we need software tools and platforms like Cognos Analytics to help us deliver data to the front line where the most important insights can happen in the context of the business processes.

We encourage you to take a look on the demonstration below as well as other videos listed. This will help you understand the value of the new Cognos Analytics release and how the industry of business intelligence revolutionise itself in order to meet business demands bridging traditional bi with advanced analytics and AI.

Where can I learn more?

We will make a show-and-tell session for Cognos Analytics at our annual event - IBS IT Compass. Interested? You are welcome to join and have a discussion with us how we can help your organisation to better apply data for business.

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