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HCL to acquire Portal, Notes & Domino, Connections and Sametime from IBM

On 6th of December 2018 IBM and HCL Technologies announced that HCL will acquire several IBM products, notably including Notes & Domino, Sametime, Connections and Portal. The amount of the deal is $1.8 billion dollar.

HCL was already doing some of the development and support of the products. Until July 2019, IBM will still be the owner of the products and will handle the marketing and sales. After the deal goes in force, HCL will be in full ownership of the products. With that we expected to see the focus back on core strengths of the platform - best if breed email and low-code/no-code development with the ability of the citizen developers to be engaged in the creation of simple applications for their own or their department’s use. We also expected to see better fit with the requirements of small and medium sized businesses.

What does this announcement mean for IBM Collaboration Solutions customers? At IBS we believe, that these are very positive news. HCL has already demonstrated their commitment to the Notes & Domino platform. In the last year was announced the latest Domino 10 release and version 11 is planned for 2019. With HCL being in charge, we expect to see even more things happening not only in the Notes & Domino platform, but also in the whole product family. In the interim period all deals, licenses and products will continue to run as before, as IBM and HCL will ensure smooth transition for every customer.

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