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IBM FlashSystem to rule them all

On Feb 8th IBM announced the new IBM FlashSystem models. Three updated beasts – IBM FlashSystem 9500, IBM FlashSystem 7300, IBM SAN Volume Controller and refreshed IBM FlashCore Module.

Let’s start with the storages first.

IBM FlashSystem 9500

A real monster! Up to 48 NMVe drives – IBM FCM, SCM or NMVe SSD. Total of 3TB of cache and plenty of connectivity options (including 100Gbit Ethernet and ready for 64Gbps FC). The successor of IBM FlashSystem 9200 can fit 760TB of usable NVMe capacity without using data reduction technologies now and more than 1,5PB later in 2022.

Four 24 cores processor promise unbeatable performance that is able to satisfy any need. All of this with single system. Imagine what you can achieve when clustering 4 of these systems.

IBM FlashSystem 7300

The classic IBM Storwize V7000 now has its 6th generation. IBM FlashSystem 7300 got more cache (up to 1,5TB), 30% better performance than IBM FS7200, support for 100Gbit Ethernet connectivity and better TCO.

IBM SAN Volume Controller SV3

Similar to IBM FlashSystem 9500 the new SVC model SV3 got plenty of upgrades – 3TB cache and four 24 core processors per IO group. It doubled the connectivity and performance of its predecessor SVC model - SV2.

IBM FlashCore Module Gen 3

The heart of IBM FlashSystems is the IBM developed flash module – IBM FlashCore module or simply FCM. This is the most advanced flash module in modern enterprise storage. It gives performance, reliability and capacity optimization at best TCO on the market. Compared to previous generation, 3rd generation gives 50% better hardware compression, 50% Higher read throughput, 100% Higher write throughput, 66% Higher IOPS and 30% improvement in latency.

All of these are available to order NOW. Eager to see them in action? Let's talk!

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