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The newest version of erwin Data Modeling solution

Еerwin brings the next evolution of our industry-leading data modeling solution, designed to enhance the way your company views, understands, and utilizes data.

The new erwin DM solution is ideal for:

  • Integrating new data management technologies and deployment methods into existing businesses architectures
  • Democratizing enterprise data through increased fluency, accountability, and collaboration
  • Managing data as a strategic asset to help drive growth, competitive advantage, and innovation

Еrwin helps you maintain an agile and effective data management approach that promotes increased strategic data usage across the enterprise!

Еrwin Data Modeler is the world’s No. 1 data modeling software, trusted by more than 50,000 data professionals in 60+ countries. With a unified, accurate view of any data from anywhere, enterprises can make better decisions for competitive advantage and growth.

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