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Does Your Bank Have a Future?

Banking industry is under huge pressure. New regulations like GDPR, Data Lineage, IFRS9 and others are requiring big investments, time and efforts. Usually significant change in IT architecture and processes is a must as well.

Meanwhile the threat from FinTech companies is constantly arising. PSD2 is now a fact.  PSD2 is introducing a set of game-changing rules that will completely redefine how we all make payments and will possibly attract Big Tech Giants (Google, Apple, Amazon and others) to get sooner into financial services.

Surviving in this environment is tough. Succeeding is even tougher and requires real innovative thinking and hard work.

However, banks have one real advantage to agile and fast FinTechs and Tech Giants. Banks own our real structured and usually validated data. The competitors lack this resource. For now. Because, as soon as FinTech industry attracts the customers - they will collect the data and augment it with so much more.

So, if your bank has plans for a future, the time to act is now, before loosing the only advantage it has.

Nothing about Digital Transformation works without smart analytics solutions. Meeting regulations requirements demands smart data strategy as well. The path is clear - know your data, apply strict governance on it and make the move to real-time advanced analytics solutions with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

As Morpheus says: “There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path”.

This is where we can help. We can walk the path with you together. Our portfolio of products and services covers entire data life cycle and will help you get clear reliable data and scoring and real business insights and deliver them in real-time to your employees and customers.

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