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The Quest for Digital Transformation

So you are on the path to digitally transform your business. Probably you already know that this is a journey not a single project. There are many things to consider on this trip and there is more than one starting point. Transforming a business is not an overnight job, but it is a digital world now and it demands certain changes for you to succeed.

Digital transformation journey is not a simple one. It is a quest. A quest with many adventures and challenges along the road in a constantly shifting world. Customer experience, Innovation, Big Data and Analytics, operational effectiveness, new agile software paradigms and fully integrated systems, new talents, new skills and new corporate culture are just pieces of the puzzle you need to solve.

On this quest you will need partners. Partners like us. We work, try and learn new things so we can evolve and grow every day while helping our customers and ourselves transform. Our passion, our talents and skills are among the best tools you can get to arm yourself for this quest. Are you ready?

So where should we start from?

Digital transformation relies on data and analytics

Data is the new oil. We are aware of that. We are also aware that oil needs to be refined to be of real use. Big Data is the new buzz. But how much data is Big Data? Big Data is “any amount of data that we are not able to process and turn into value in a meaningful time”. So it is not about the volume, it is not about the velocity or the structure of the data. It is about our abilities to collect, process and transform data into business insights and act on them fast.

At IBS we are seriously talking data. We are working on the full data life cycle. Data Integration, Data Quality and Governance, Business Analytics, Predictive and Prescriptive solutions and industry proven data models and patterns.

Learn more or contact us now and let's dig some data together!

Infrastructure matters

Cloud, on-premise or hybrid - the infrastructure is your foundation. It has to be rock solid yet agile, powerful yet flexible. There is no silver bullet. You should build the right infrastructure for your business. Despite of the size of your business you need an infrastructure which provides when and where you need it most. You will need IT infrastructure which is easy to maintain, which dynamically relocates resources, which you can extend on the fly without costly rip and replace projects.

We know Infrastructure. We have built dozens of private data centers and we are operating many of them. We know Cloud. We can provide for you a dedicated one or help you with your migration or integration with a public one like Amazon or IBM.

Learn more or contact us and let us help you solve your Infrastructure challenges!

Connected systems

Systems integration is a crucial part of digital transformation. Customer experience and operational effectiveness are mostly dependent on it. Enabling systems to “talk” to each other does not seem not to be a rocket science or is it? You taught your systems to speak, but without a clear strategy you will soon be swallowed by the swamp - which system depends on which, how to handle exceptions, how to be sure on data consistency, and .. ohh I have a new version or new system to implement!

Turn “spaghetti” into an orchestrated environment! Contact us and let us help you with your SOA or Microservices strategy and implementation!

Enchanted software

Customers and internal users expectations are very different from the ones in the past. They demand simplicity and usability comparable to their favorite public services from Amazon, Google, Apple and other digital leaders. The customer experience (including employees) is the ultimate goal of any digital transformation. But how you transform your current applications? Rip and Replace? This is not an option! How should you build new modern web or mobile apps by leveraging your current investments? How should you take advantage from all new cool frameworks, containers, no-sql data services and others while keeping our reliable systems of records safe and trusted as ever? Welcome to the API economy!

There is no “one size fits all” approach, but there is stuff that “just works”. Contact us  and lets do a little magic to help you improve or deliver new enchanted services. 

Shift your corporate culture toward a digitally enhanced workplace

Digital transformation is about people as well. Customer centric approach is in the heart of it. The change should start from within. New business models require new ways of thinking and new ways of working. Transparency, connectivity, collaboration, socially engaged teams are some of the ingredients of the mix you need to enforce digital transformation successfully . Many companies are looking for the best approach to transform the workplace. But simply deploying corporate social network or cool new collaboration tools is not sufficient. Culture transformation is not an IT problem.

We have many years of experience in building and integrating collaboration, social, document and content management solutions for different industries. Choosing the best strategy is as crucial for your success as choosing the best products.

Learn more or contact us and let us help you transform internally and engage your best talents in adapting your workplace to the new era.

Learn new skills and train your top talents

Leading and navigating through your digital transformation journey require new skills. Adopting new technologies needs proper training. Our Training center provides enablement, workshops and professional training services to help you better understand and apply the technology to your needs. You can choose from a variety of topics in the training programs delivered from leaders like RedHat and IBM and we can help you validate your skills with professional certifications programs.

Learn more or contact us and let us help you build the skills to enable your digital enterprise!

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