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DataPower powers PSD2 and the API economy

The API economy is everywhere. It fuels new business models, drives new revenues and is the foundation of the exceptional user experience required by your customers.

For banks PSD2 regulation is additional drive for this change, but there are many reasons for each industry which require your solutions to be interconnected with mobile apps, partners or 3rd party tech companies.

One of the challenges is how to secure, monitor and establish overall governance on such integrations. The answer is IBM DataPower Gateway and with the recently announced new version of the DataPower firmware you now have "one device to rule them all".

Now IBM DataPower Gateways firmware V7.6 delivers enhanced upgrade flexibility and runtime isolation for physical appliances, increased DevOps automation using Docker.

With runtime isolation you are able to have more DataPower instances from any datapower device. The new version enables integration with the new features of API Connect which will make your developers extremely happy.

Ability to run DataPower Gateway Docker instances on container services, such as IBM Bluemix®, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft™ Azure to help optimize infrastructure costs. This enables seamless extension between cloud and on-premise environments.

DataPower Gateways firmware V7.6 provides additional runtime flexibility for API Connect to easily expose business assets as API services. It provides the ability to:

  • Deliver the ability to run multiple tenant workloads on a DataPower physical appliance, which provides runtime isolation of system resources, such as CPU, memory and file system.
  • Concurrently run both API Connect gateway workloads with your traditional DataPower workloads (Multi-Protocol Gateways, Web Service Proxy, XML Firewall, and B2B Gateway) with system-level protection.
  • Deliver upgrade flexibility so you can take advantage of the latest API Connect and DataPower enhancements without impacting business applications.

DataPower Gateway tenant isolation provides runtime isolation of traditional DataPower Gateway workloads, allowing separation of workloads for critically and operational ease.

Contact us if you need more information or would like to set up a test or Proof-of-Concept project or generally consult about PSD2 regulation requirements.  


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