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IBM Connections update - July 2017

IBM Connections is the leading platform for social business and collaboration. IBM continue to develop further this exceptional platform and adds more awesome features. 

In the beginning of this year IBM released version 6 of Connections. Bringing a lot of new great features and new look. IBM did not stop there. On of the major recent announcements was acquisition of an asset from Timetoact (known as XCC) and that it would become available as IBM Connections Engagement Center. 

IBM Connections Engagement Centre is licensed as an add on to the platform. With this add on organizations can transform the social platform in to universal intranet solution. We have been testing XCC for an year in our own intranet solution based on IBM Connections and the results are great. IBM managed to incorporate the new software solution in less than two months and the release of electronic download is on 28th of July - bravo IBM!

See XCC in action to get the feeling.

Connections Engagement Center V6.0

Organizations are faced with the challenge of having employees who must wade through redundant and inconsistent content sources. The lack of employee engagement with their management and coworkers can lead to high turnover, low morale, and lost productivity.

Connections Engagement Center V6.0, a separately purchased add-on for Connections, offers a digital workplace hub that provides employees with easy access to content and resources, such as corporate news, relevant content, links to important resources, files, and events, that are tailored to each individual's role or location, and are integrated with and built on the social collaboration tools and content from Connections. Connections Engagement Center also ensures that the right content can be easily written and accessed by the right people by offering a single content store, simplifying management and content discovery.

Deploying Connections Engagement Center with Connections allows organizations to:

  • Establish a single destination for personalized communication, both company to employee and peer to peer.
  • Foster an informed employee base, drawing attention to important news, resources, and applications.
  • Promote more effective collaboration through integration with Connections social collaboration applications.
  • Simplify and democratize content contribution, empowering any of their employees to easily create and maintain content.


IBM Connections 6.0 Mobile application

Another great news is the release of the IBM Connections 6.0 Mobile application for iOS and Android.  The IBM Connections Mobile app now provides a new tabbed navigation which allows users to easily switch between the different Connections services.  The navigation is customizable allowing individuals to determine which of the services they want displayed in the navigation menu.

Also available in this release is the new updates view,  allowing users to quickly see the most recent updates in the network.  For organizations that are using the new Orient Me homepage they will be able to access that on their mobile device.  The Orient Me homepage allows users to see the most current information in the network in a prioritized order based on the way that they interact with content and people.  Orient Me is the first installment of the IBM Connections PINK vision.

Another enhancement is in search,  finding information on a mobile device is critical and IBM just made it much easier.  The search navigation is easy to find and returns results much faster.  And search history is no longer just device specific,  now you can see your search results across all devices and browsers.

Start using the new IBM Connections Mobile application by downloading it from the Apple App Store or Google Play today!


What is a corporate social network?

Corporate social networks reach the next level in communications, building alliance tools to work with functions that are familiar to us from the social networks such as profiles, files, blogs, wikis, forums, communities, etc. Building a corporate social network in the organization can have a dramatic effect on the engagement and productivity of the teams and on the accumulation of corporate knowledge. The opportunities for development of a common corporate culture, mission and values allows you to build an inspired and motivated community in the company.

IBS can help you build such corporate social network. With IBM Connections you can even extend the solution to reach beyond your organization and invite customers, vendors and partners to collaborate seamlessly.

Contact us and let us help you build your social business strategy. Now is the best time to start!



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